GM Disconnector 1911 & 2011


This 1911/2011 Disconnector has been manufactured especially for the replacement of that castdisconnector fitted by many of the 1911/2011 pistol manufacturers.

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The GM Disconnector face is square with the perfect face angle with the plunger end being shaped perfectly for the slide to move back & forth over it as smooth as actually possible

Ready to install

Please note: Some 1911/2011 parts may require minor fitting as they may come slightly oversize for maximum performance and reliability

Fits most Full Size 1911/ 2011 Pistols: Colt, Kimber, STI, SVI, Springfield, Para, Ruger, Remington etc.

Additional information

Weight50 g

GM Parts


.38 Super, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 9mm

Firearm Type


Gun Model

1911 & 2011, STI, BUL M5, STI/SVI

Product Type

Internal Parts


Blued Steel, Stainless Steel